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Coach Pamela/Stress Clinic

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Let me show you how health & wellness coaching can change your mental & physical health, your relationships, and your life.

Relationship Rescue

Before the wedding or after you move in together.  Learn how to communicate more effectively.  Stop bickering. Polish & Improve your conflict resolution skills.

Mental Health & Wellness Coaching

In-Home Communication Workshop for Couples or Families

Are you living together? Newlyweds? Married with children? Remarried or blended family?  Are you and your partner or family quarreling, bickering, or miscommunicating more often?  Does there seem to be more stress and tension in your home now that transitions have been made or changes are in place?  


This private & confidential in-home educational workshop is designed to polish your personal communication skills and reduce misunderstandings and conflict in your home. Grab your partner or family members and get them on board.  In a strategy-packed instructional workshop held in the privacy of your home, you and your partner or family will receive a refresher course in effective communication and conflict resolution skills without all the pressure of a counseling environment.  Learning together as a couple or as a family in an educational setting will provide an opportunity to improve your family dynamic in a healthy and positive way.


Learn key techniques to reduce unspoken tension & stress in the home.

Learn how to deescalate and reduce conflict and move forward to problem resolution.

Learn how your body language can make your family bonds stronger & healthier.

Learn how to clarify manspeak and understand womanspeak. Language & Gender.

Understand what your partner, your teen, or your family member needs and wants.

Learn simple and practical strategies to get what you want and put your most valuable family relationships back on track today.  Schedule this 90-minute educational workshop around your family's time. Workshop availability extends to evenings and week-ends. A travel charge may apply.  Send an appointment request today to get started and book your private workshop in the convenience of your own home. $249

Stressed Out? Feeling Anxious
Check out for $1/minute phone sessions
text 480-535-4476 

More Health & Wellness Coaching Options

Over-eating, Mentally or Emotionally Exhausted,

Feeling Anxiety, Stress, Fear, or Depression?

Private & confidential help available - or text 480-535-4476

Appointments Available 7 days/week