Professional Skill Development: PUBLIC SPEAKING

Public speaking skills are essential in many of today's careers and marketplaces, yet the thought of getting up in front of a group of people to speak terrifies most of us!  Whether it is the thought of putting a speech together or worrying about sweating palms, Pamela has a course designed just for you.


Try my Individual Public Speaking Course for $199.  This private course is custom designed for you based on your particular speaking needs.  Do you host home parties and present products?  Have a job that requires you to address the senior staff or present information to the board of directors on a regular basis?  College instructors, you are experts in your field, but do you need help improving your teaching skills to keep your students engaged and regularly attending class?  Students, would you like to improve your presentation and interview skills?  In this workshop I will share you with my 3 Secrets to Public Speaking Success.  Using these 3 Secrets you will give 3 types of presentations of varying lengths to an audience.  You will receive private and confidential feedback designed for your personal improvement.


Sign up for a full-day, limited seating, group workshop for $149 per person. You will receive instruction on public speaking along with 2 opportunities to speak in front of the group and then receive confidential feedback to improve your performance and presentations. Includes complimentary refreshments, a certificate of completion, and a complimentary brochure outlining the 3 Secrets. 


Prefer a group workshop of your own? Get your friends and coworkers together for a group of 5 or more people and pay only $99 per person. The coursework is designed to meet your specific needs and challenges. Send me an appointment request form for more information or to speak with me directly about forming a company, family, or group workshop that will help you master the skill of public speaking and push you to the next level of success.


Contact me NOW for the skills you need TODAY!  

Coach Notes:

Would you like to improve your presentation skills? Here's a quick tip for your next public presentation.


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